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Bonzak, Stephen, 2001 W. Addison, Chicago IL, 60618 (773) 470-6994


Schubert C. Johnson, M.S.T.O.M., L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.

40 East Jefferson Avenue
Naperville, Illinois



Amanda Kreiss, LAc, Dipl.OM, MSTOM, MA
Inner Architecture
Inner Ecology
1901 N Clybourn Avenue #304
Chicago, IL 60614
cell: 773.704.1551
office: 773.747.1907

I am a Certified Advanced Rolfer and East Asian Medical practitioner (weaving herbology in the Chinese tradition, acupuncture, and Eastern nutrition) who practices in Chicago's Lincoln Park.  I individualize treatment for each client and enjoy working, throughout the life cycle, with a wide variety of individuals and their families.  

Combining a passion for botanical medicine, sustainable agriculture, and responsibly sourced products, I founded and direct Inner Ecology, an herbal dispensary and online prescription service.  Inner Ecology increases access for practitioners (and, therefore, their patients) in the Upper Midwest to superb and affordable medicinals in both raw and granular forms.


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