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Chinese Patterns and Pathomechanisms (Chinese, Pin Yin, English)

compiled by Chet Cardinale, L.Ac. and Todd Luger, L.Ac.

These are unicode text files. Set your character encoding to unicode or UTF-8 or simplified Chinese if you cannot see chinese characters in this file.

These character can be cut and pasted into a variety of programs such as Word, Textedit, Dreamweaver (with page properties set to UTF-8), Apple Mail and Wenlin.

The English is all Wiseman terms. There are only single spaces between words, but there are actually three parts (Chinese characters, pin yin and English).

These files are posted for use by students and teachers learning to read Chinese or who need a quick reference or merely need to insert some characters into a document.

For those who are serious about learning to read medical Chinese, term lists more extensive than this plus additional instructional materials can be found in various books by Nigel Wiseman, Bob Flaws and Paul Unschuld.

To find any term, just use your browser's find command (command F on Macs, control F on PC)

表寒里热 biao han li re exterior cold ,interior heat
表热里寒 biao re li han exterior heat,interior cold
冲任不补 chong ren bu bu chong&ren not securing
冲任不调 chong ren bu tiao chong&ren not regulated
冲任失调 chong ren shi tiao loss of regulation of the chong&ren
冲任损伤 chong ren sun shang chong&ren detriment and damage
大肠寒结 da chang han jie large intestine cold binding
大肠湿热 da chang shi re large intestine damp heat
大肠虚 da chang xu large intestine vacuity
大肠虚寒 da chang xu han large intestine vacuity cold
大肠液亏 da chang ye kui large intestine humor depletion
胆热 dan re gallbladder heat
胆虚 dan xu gallbladder vacuity
肺火 fei huo lung fire
肺津不布 fei jin bu bu lung fluids not distributed
肺络损伤 fei luo sun shang lung network vessel detriment&damage
肺气不利 fei qi bu li inhibition of the lung qi
肺气不宣 fei qi bu xuan lung qi not diffusing
肺气虚 fei qi xu lung qi vacuity
肺热 fei re lung heat
肺肾两虚 fei shen liang xu lung-kidney dual vacuity
肺肾气虚 fei shen qi xu lung-kidney qi vacuity
肺肾阴虚 fei shen yin xu lung-kidney yin vacuity
肺实 fei shi lung repletion
肺失清肃 fei shi qing su lung loss of clearing &depurating
肺虚 fei xu lung vacuity
肺阴虚 fei yin xu lung yin vacuity
肺阴虚燥 feiyin xu zao lung yin vacuity dryness
肺燥 fei zao lung dryness
伏热在里 fu re zai li deep-lying heat in the interior
肝胆气虚 gan dan qi xu liver-gallbladder qi vacuity
肝胆湿热 gan dan shi re liver-gallbladder damp heat
肝风内动 gan feng nei dong liver wind stirring internally
肝寒 gan han liver cold
肝火 gan huo liver fire
肝火上炎 gan huo shang yan liver fire flaring upward
肝气犯脾 gan qi fan pi liver qi assails the spleen
肝气犯胃 fan qi fan wei liver qi assails the stomach
肝气上逆 gan qi shang ni liver qi counterflowing upward
肝热 gan re liver fire
肝肾亏损 gan shen kui sun liver-kidney depletion&detriment
肝肾两虚 gan shen liang xu liver-kidney dual vacuity
肝血虚 gan xue xu liver blood vacuity
肝阳上亢 gang yang shang kang ascendant hyperactivity of liver yang
肝阴虚 gan yin xu liver yin vacuity
肝郁脾虚 gan yu pi xu liver depression,spleen vacuity
肝郁气滞 gan yu qi zhi liver depression qi stagnation
寒极生热 han ji sheng re extreme cold engenders heat
寒凝肝脉 han ning gan mai cold congelation in the liver vessel
寒凝气滞 han ning qi zhi cold congelation qi stagnation
寒痰阻肺 han tan zu fei cold phlegm obstructing the lungs
久热伤阴 jiu re shang yin enduring heat damages yin
龙火内燔 long huo nei fan dragon fire internally blazing
命门火旺 ming men huo wang life gate fire effulgence
膀胱气闭 pang guang qi bi bladder qi block
膀胱湿热 pang guang shi re bladder damp heat
膀胱虚寒 pang gang xu han bladder vacuity cold
脬气不固 pao qi bu gu bladder qi not securing
脾不统血 pi bu tong xue spleen not managing(i.e.,restraining)the blood
脾肺两虚 pi fei liang xu spleen-lung dual vacuity
脾气不升 pi qi bu sheng spleen qi not upbearing
脾气虚 pi qu xu spleen qi vacuity
脾热 pi re spleen heat
脾肾阳虚 pi shen yang xu spleen-kidney yang vacuity
脾失健运 pi shi jian yun spleen loss of fortification &movement
脾失运化 pi shi yun hua spleen loss of movement&transformation
脾胃湿热 pi wei shi re spleen-stomach damp heat
脾胃虚弱 pi we xu ruo spleen-stomach vacuity weakness
脾虚 pi xu spleen vacuity
脾虚湿困 pi xu shi kun spleen vacuity,damp encumbrance
脾阳虚 pi yang xu spleen yang vacuity
脾阴虚 pi yin xu spleen yin vacuiry
气化不利 qi hua bu li inhibition of qi transformation
气机不利 qi ji bu li inhibition of the qi mechanism
气髓血脱 qi sui xue tuo qi follows blood desertion
气虚中满 qi xu zhong man qi vacuity central fullness
气血两虚 qi xue liang xu qi&blood dual vacuity
气血失调 qi xue shi tiao qi&blood loss of regulation
气阴两虚 qi yin liang xu qi &yin dual vacuiry
气滞血瘀 qi zhi xue yu qi stagnation &blood stasis
热伏冲任 re fu chong ren heat deep-lying or hidden in the chong &ren
热极生寒 re ji sheng han extreme heat engenders cold
热结膀胱 re jie pang guang heat bound in the bladder
热入心包 re ru xin bao heat entering the pericardium
热入血分 re ru xue fen heat entering the blood phase
热入血室 re ru xin shi heat entering the blood chamber
热伤肺络 re shang fei luo heat damaging the lung network vessels
热伤筋脉 re shang jin mai heat damaging the sinews and vessles(or sinew vessels)
热伤神明 re shang shen ming heat damaging the spirit brightness
热盛气分 re sheng qi fen heat exuberance in the qi division
热邪阻肺 re xie zu fei heat evils obstructing the lungs
热灼肾阴 re zhuo shen yin heat buring kidney yin
三蕉湿热 san jiao shi re triple burner damp heat
三蕉虚寒 san jiao xu han triple burner vacuity cold
上寒下热 shang han xia re above cold ,below heat
上热下寒 shang re xia han above heat ,below cold
伤损及下 shang sun ji xia detriment above reaching below
少阴寒化 shao yin han hua shao yin cold transformation
少阴热化 shao yin re hua shao yin heat transformation
肾气不固 shen qi bu gu kidney qi not securing
肾虚 shen xu kidney vacuity
肾溆水泛 shen xu shui fan kidney vacuity,water flooding
肾阳虚 shen yang xu kidney yang vacuity
肾阳虚衰 shen yang xu shuai kidney yang vacuity and debility
肾阴虚 shen yin xu kidney yin vacuity
升降失常 sheng jiang shi chang upbearing&downbearing lose their normalcy
湿热内熏 shi re nei xun dampness&heat internally brewing
湿热小蕉 shi re xiao jiao damp heat in the lower burner
湿热瘀滞 shi re yu zhi damp heat stasis&stagnation
湿胜阳微 shi sheng yang wei dampness prevailing ,yang becoming slight
湿郁热伏 shi yu re fu damp depression,heat deeply lying
食滞胃腕 shi zhi wei wan food stagnating in the stomach venter
湿阻气分 shi zu qi fen dampness obstructing the qi division
湿阻中蕉 shi zu zhong jiao dampness obstructing the middle burner
水不化气 shui bu hua qi water not transforming the qi
痰火扰心 tan huo rao xin phlegm fire harassing the heart
痰密心窍 tan mi xin qiao phlegm confounding ghe portals of the heart
痰热阻肺 tan re zu fei phlegm heat obstructs the lungs
痰湿阻肺 tan shi zu fei phlegm dampness obstructing the lungs
痰阻肺络 tan zu fei luo phlegm obstructing the lung network vessels
胃寒 wei han stomach cold
胃火上升 we huo shang sheng stomach fire borne upward
胃气不固 wei qi bu gu defensive qi not securing
胃气不和 wei qi bu he stomach qi disharmony
胃气虚 wei qi xu stomach qi vacuity
胃热 wei re stomach heat
胃热壅盛 wei re yong sheng stomach heat congesting&exuberant
胃失和降 wei shi he jiang stomach loss of harmony&downbearing
胃虚 wei xu stomach vacuity
胃阴虚 wei yin xu stomach yin vacuity
温邪犯肺 wen xie fan fei warm evils assailing the lungs
温邪上受 wen xie shang shou warm evils affect above
下损及上 xia sun ji shang lower detriment reaches above
相火妄动 xiang huo wang dong ministerial fire frenetically stirring
小肠湿热 xiao chang shi re small intestine damp heat
小肠虚寒 xiao chang xu han small intestine vacuity cold
邪留三蕉 xie liu san jiao evils retained in the three burners
心火亢盛 xin huo kang sheng heart fire hyperactivity &exuberance
心火内炽 xin huo nei chi heart fire blazing internally
心火上炎 xin huo shang yan heart fire flares upward
心脾两虚 xin pi liang xu heart-spleen dual vacuity
心气不宁 xin qi bu ning heart qi not quiet
心气不绶 xin qi bu shou heart qi not restraining
心肾不交 xin shen bu jiao heart&kidneys not interacting
心虚胆怯 xin xu dan qie heart vacuity ,gallbladder timidity
心血虚 xin xue xu heart blood vacuity
心阳虚 xin yang xu heart yang vacuity
心阴虚 xin yin xu heart yin vacuity
虚风内动 xu feng nei dong vacuity wind stirring internally
虚热上炎 xu re shang yan vacuity heat flares upward
虚阳上浮 xu yang shang fu vacuous yang floats upward
血不归经 xue bu gui jing blood not returning to the channels
血分热毒 xue fen re du blood division heat toxins
血分瘀热 xue fen yu re blood division static heat
血随气陷 xue sui qi xian blood follows qi fall
阳盛阴伤 yang sheng yin shang yang exuberance damages yin
阴虚肺燥 yin xu fei zao yin vacuity lung dryness
阴虚阳亢 yin xu yang kang yin vacuity yang hyperactivity
阴虚阳旺 yin xu yang wang yin vacuity yang effulgence
阴阳两虚 yin yang liang xu yin&yang dual vacuity
荥卫不和 ying wei bu he constructive &defensive disharmony
瘀热在里 yu re zai li stasis&heat located in the interior
燥气伤肺 zao qi shang fei dry qi damaging the lungs
中气不足 zhong qi bu zu central qi insufficiency
中气下陷 zhong qi xia xian central qi downward fall
中阳不振 zhong yang bu zhen central yang devitalized
壮热食气 zhuang re shi qi strong fire eats the qi

Todd Luger, the founder of the Chinese Herb Academy, has been designing courses for face to face and internet instruction for over 12 years. He pioneered the use of the threaded discussion forum in TCM continuing education in 1999, an approach to online teaching that has since become the standard in all mainstream colleges. Todd has been an instructor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for the past 5 years, working with professional educators in the areas of course development, classroom instruction and clinical supervision. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Science Degree in Instructional Design and Technology at Emporia State University in Kansas.

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